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Neutralizing a Copper Colour

Neutralzing a Copper Hair Colour L'Oreal Professionnel Dia Light

You may recall that colours opposite each other in the colour wheel are known as "complimentary colours." Complimentary colours neutralize/balance each other out.

On the colour wheel, orange or "copper" is opposite from blue. Therefore, we would need to use a colour with a blue tone to balance a copper tone.

The Formula

As you may know, colour does not remove colour. To completely remove a copper/red colour from your guest's hair, you would need to use a colour remover or a shampoo cocktail.

In this scenario, we needed to respect our guest's wishes to not use any sort of lightening products in her hair as she did not want to experience any extra dryness.

Our guest wanted to see less of the warm undertone from her previous colour, but did not want to lighten her hair and did not need to cover any greys. For these reasons, we chose to use a demipermanent hair colour for deposit only as it would change the tone of her hair while allowing any future lightening sessions to be done more easily than if we were to use a permanent hair colour.

What we used:

Roots: Dia Light 5.1 + 6 volume with a 1:1.5 ratio

Midlenghts & ends: Dia Light 6.1 + 6 volume with a 1:1.5 ratio

The colour was applied to dry hair and allowed to process for 30 minutes.

We absolutely love the high-shine and soft-to-the-touch finish from L'Oreal Dia Light. The acidic, ammonia-free formulation provides a healthy and luxurious shine.

Try adding even a splash of Dia Light Clear to your formulations for a boost of added shine to your guest's hair!


Stay tuned for more of our tried and true colour formulations!