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Violet and Magenta Colour Melt Formulation

Hair Stylist Guide Violet and Magenta Colour Melt Formulation

Bright and vivid colours are a huge trend right now, and I’m sure every stylist will get requests at one point or another for a stunning violet or magenta colour.

We’d like to share what we mixed to get the rich hues in the look we’ve pictured for you here.

What did we mix?


Bacò 5.20 + 20 volume

Hair Stylist Guide Kaaral Baco 5.20 Violet Colour

Kaaral Baco 5.20 Violet Colour 

Hair Stylist Guide Kaaral Baco 20 Volume

Kaaral Baco 20 Volume


L’Oreal Majicontrast Magenta + 30 volume

Hair Stylist Guide L'Oreal Majicontrast Magenta

L'Oreal Majicontrast Magenta

Hair Stylist Guide L'Oreal Majicreme 30 Volume

L'Oreal Majicreme 30 Volume

    The Majiconstrast line from L’Oreal is High Chroma line, meaning it does not require pre-lightening with  bleach to get the bright result. You can mix the colour with 30 or 40 volume in foils to get a rich, vivid result even in brown hair.

    However, we still recommend doing a test strand for your client if they have hair that has been permanently coloured very dark in order to see if you may require some pre-lightening to get the bright result that they are looking for.

    Stay tuned for more of our tried and true colour formulations!