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Ontario Hairstylist License Exam Studying Resources

Here you will find links to the different chapters of the Milady textbook and a link to the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Training Standard Log Book.

These contain some of the content that you will need to know in order to study and pass your Ontario College of Trades Hairstylist licensed exam for NOC 332A.

Disclaimer: I did not upload any of these sources online. I am simply consolidating the links that already exist in one convenient location.

As a further note, the study notes that we sell on this website contain consolidated notes from the Milady textbook, Pivot Point textbooks and the Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Training Standard Log Book, saving you from the effort and time of having to make your own notes.

Milady Textbook Chapters

Chapter 1 – “History and Career Opportunities”

Chapter 2 – “Life Skills”

Chapter 3 – “Your Professional Image”

Chapter 4 – “Communicating for Success”

Chapter 5 – “Infection Control: Principles and Practices”

Chapter 6 – “General Anatomy and Physiology”

Chapter 7 – “Skin Structure, Growth and Nutrition”

Chapter 8 – “Skin Disorders and Diseases”

Chapter 9 –  “Nail Structure and Growth”

Chapter 10 – “Nail Disorders and Diseases”

Chapter 11 – “Properties of the Hair and Scalp”

Chapter 12 – “Basics of Chemistry”

Chapter 13 – “Basics of Electricity”

Chapter 14 – “Principles of Hair Design”

Chapter 15 – “Scalp Care, Shampooing and Conditioning”

Chapter 16 – “Haircutting”

Chapter 17 – “Hairstyling”

Chapter 18 – “Braiding and Braid Extensions”

Chapter 19 – “Wigs and Hair Additions”

Chapter 20 – “Chemical Texture Services”

Chapter 21 - “Haircoloring”

Chapter 22 – “Hair Removal”

Chapter 23 – “Facials”

Chapter 24 – “Facial Makeup”

Chapter 25 – “Manicuring”

Chapter 26 – “Pedicuring”

Chapter 27 – “Nail Tips and Wraps”

Chapter 28 – “Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements”

Chapter 29 – “UV Gels”

Chapter 30 – “Seeking Employment”

Chapter 31 – “On the Job”

Chapter 32 – “The Salon Business”

***Please note that on the Ontario College of Trades Certifcate of Qualification for hairstylists License Exam, you will not be tested on facial skin care or on nail care.***

Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Training Standard Log Book: