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Renewing Your Hair License

Ontario Hair License Renewal Reminder

For those of you who are just about to get your Ontario Hairstylist License (NOC 332A) through the Ontario College of Trades, or who just got it (congrats!) this short little post is going to show you what happens when it comes time to renew your license.

You must renew your license annually to maintain your standing with the Ontario College of Trades. Yes, you should have a general idea of when it is time to renew your license, but you will be given a reminder both by mail and by email when it is time to do so. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! It would be very difficult for you to forget to renew your license with these reminders.

I received my letter and email both approximately 2 months before it was time to renew my license.

What does the letter look like?

It came in an envelope just like this:

Hair Stylist Guide Renew Ontario Hair License

How about by email?

The email will be sent to the email that you provided when you registered with the Ontario College of Trades. The email is addressed directly from the Ontario College of Trades.

In the email, you will find a 4-page PDF document with instructions on how to pay for your annual membership fee.

How can you pay for your membership renewal?

The options to pay for your annual membership fee include:

  • Paying online through your Ontario College of Trades membership login
  • Paying through your bank
  • Paying through phone by calling the Ontario College of Trades (have your membership number, credit card and address information ready)
  • Paying through cheque by mail

I wanted to pay online, but I forgot my password to my Ontario College of Trades profile, so I called them and paid over the phone with my Visa. They have a secure system set up and they secure the phone line when you are giving them your credit card information. They will verify it is you by confirmation with personal information such as your address.

Even though I was 11th in line when I was on hold, I only had to wait about 7 minutes on hold.

See, renewing your Ontario hair license isn’t so scary at all! So don’t forget to do it! It’s literally just one call away.