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Fall/Winter 2019 Hair Trends from L’Oreal Exposed

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Hair Trends

It’s an exciting time of the year for us hairstylists – L’Oreal Professionnel has officially presented the hottest, sexiest trends for the upcoming Fall and Winter 2019 season.

Here are the highlights from L’Oreal Exposed at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto on Sunday, October 27, 2019.  Direct from the catwalk, these are the looks that your clients are going to be asking for!


Trend #1 – Authenticity

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Texture Twists Knots

The show began with 2 of L’Oreal’s talented Canadian Ambassadors, Paul Miller of Jax and King and Mandy MacFadden of Salon Decorum demonstrating and perfecting hair styles on stage.

Their main message is that AUTHENTICITY is this season’s name of the game. Being true to yourself and who you are is the biggest trend right now. Your client’s hair and overall style has to be reflective of their character and true to their personality so that their true self shines! You cannot force a look upon your client. Their look has to represent who they are as a person.

Trend #2 – Twists & Knots

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Texture Twists Knots

Named after the very famous street in Paris, L’Oreal’s St. Germain look incorporates a twisted roll and a top-knot for perfectly controlled and elegant style.

The Fabourgh look also incorporates accessorized knots and waves.

Trend #3 – Texture

This season, it’s all about texture, texture, texture!

 Playful and glamourous waves are emphasized in L’Oreal’s Rivoli look. Their hair is cut with a shaggy texture.  Mandy and Paul custom tailored this look on stage with their model by forming “S waves” just in the front and activating her natural wave in the back with a diffuser for a look that was more natural and not overdone.

From runway looks, think big and airy. The hair has to “breathe”! Lightness over heaviness. Forms are light as a cloud and whimsical.

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Texture Twists Knots

Mandy’s recreation of L’Oreal’s Victor Hugo look combines French rolls and highly activated, voluminous texture from loosened hair twists.

Sally Brooks and Jamie Brooks from Brooks and Brooks Hairdressing presented magical highly texturized and feathery looks.

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Brooks and Brooks

Curls and waves are opened, separated and fluffed as opposed to tight and controlled.

By the way, Sally is an absolute doll! Very sweet, down to earth and a killer sense of humour! Her positivity radiates on stage and she is so fantastic at connecting with the us in the audience. She really gets what it’s like to be hairstylist in a salon, doing the daily grind.

Trend #4 – Hair Accessories

Barettes with opulent jewels and hair necklaces as adornments are very in! They are the commercial trend to keep in your salon right now.

Hair Stylist Guide L'Oreal Exposed Fall Winter 2019 Toronto Hair Accessories

One of the beautiful models was wearing gorgeous pieces from @hair.isfashion .

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Hair Accessories

Using the hair itself as an accessory is also this season’s elegant and sophisticated look. Imagine creating a beautiful knot in your client’s hair as their main accessory.

Trend #5 – Neutralization with La French & Glow(y) Colour

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Min Kim

The second round of presenters revealed the gorgeous upcoming colour trends. This dynamic duo was made of Amabassador colourist from Edmonton, Alberta, Crystal Brown and Min Kim from the International Le Collectif.

L’Oreal’s La French colouring technique refers to creating multidimensional hair colour by using all of L’Oreal’s product lines available to neutralize unwanted tones.

Hair Stylist Guide L'Oreal Professionnel Exposed Fall/Winter 2019 Glow Majirel

As an answer to the challenge of neutralizion, L’Oreal has officially launched its Glow series. Glow is a permanent hair colour in the Majirel line. You may already be familiar with the Cool Colour series in Majirel, that neutralizes strongly and offers a lot of grey coverage; however, the colour is very deep because it contains a lot of base and very little reflect. On the opposite end of the spectrum is L’Oreal’s DiaRichesse line, which provides fantastic shine, but low grey coverage.

Glow is a marriage of these two lines – permanent hair colour with very little base and a lot of reflect. The result is a highly luminous look with powerful neutralizing properties. It also offers up to 30% grey coverage.

Where did the idea from Glow come from? Well, have you noticed that makeup has moved away from the heavy contouring look to a more natural, luminous and “glowy” finish? Well, hair colour is following this trend as well. Instead of matte, opaque and heavy, there is a movement to shiny, healthy, light and glossy hair.

We will be providing you with some more details about L'Oreals Glow series in an upcoming blog post!

Trend #6 – Vertical Lightening

The other big trend in hair colour right now is also related to the movement back to more natural looks.

The large trend for the last 9 or 10 years has been horizontal sectioning when creating strong ombre effects where a considerable amount of the hair in the lower portion of the head is being coloured.

Now, the colouring techniques are starting to move back higher up and are using more vertical free hand sectioning as opposed to horizontal painting. What this means is that the placement of colour will be higher up…and also that your client will be back in your chair more often!

Trend #7 – A Nude Palette

Colour specialist and the very sweet, Marlon, from Brooks and Brooks created a Nordic, icy blonde colour indicative of this season’s dedication to nude haircolour.

How To’s

Step by step photos and tutorials from L’Oreals F/W 2019 will soon be available on their website so you can play with, recreate, practice and customize the looks for your clients.


"The Journey to My Destination"

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Sally Brooks

Inspire and motivate yourself, your stylists and your entire team with Sally Brooks’ AMAZING new documentary on what its’s like to embark on the magical journey of becoming a hairstylist. This one-hour film titled “The Journey to My Destination” is currently only available on DVD (perhaps an online version will come soon?) and on Amazon, but it really resonate with hairstylists overcoming stigma from parents and society at large. In Sally’s words, “Hairstylists are NOT thick!” Hairstyling emanates a type of creative intelligence that cannot be manifested or measured by traditional markers of academic intelligence. Watch this film and share it with your families!

The Rules of 3

Sally also presented 2 amazing rules that she implements in her salon. Coming from a salon management background myself, I think these rules are absolutely brilliant and I will definitely be sharing them with my colleagues. Why? Not for the sake of enforcing rules, but for the positive influence these rules will have on making our clients feel amazing when they are in our salon. Happy clients = more money for you as hairstylist because your clients will keep coming back to you again and again!

Rule 1: Change something up for your client at least every 3 visits….or at least tell them that you are switching something up.

If you keep doing the same thing for you client visit after visit, rest assured they will get bored and leave you for another stylist that’s more with the program. The change doesn’t even have to be drastic – it could be something as slight as letting them know you will make their toner as little more gold or rosy. OR adding some more texture in their cut. Little things to keep them intrigued and to let them know that you care about them and how they look. You need to express to your client that they are going to be looking hot and on trend. They don’t want to have the cookie cutter look visit after visit.

Rule 2: Do not leave your client more than 3 times during their appointment.

This means that you better have all of your tools near you. You should not leave your client more than 3 times to do any of the following: fetch your blowdryer or a brush, mix a colour, pick up a backbar styling product, answer the phone, grab a towel, etc. Give your client your full attention and they will appreciate you!

Happy clients = happy stylist = happy salon!

Think Outside The Box

L'Oreal Exposed Toronto Hair Fall Winter 2019 Brooks and Brooks

In her salon, Sally does this super cool thing once a week with a box (or rather, what she puts in it)! Once a week, she hands her creative team a mystery box containing some sort of item(s) that she picked up from the supermarket or corner store. And her team’s challenge every week is to creative an interesting hairstyle with whatever unique items are in that box.

These are the looks that Jamie and cutie pie Marlon created when handed their box with some white rope and coloured fishnets.

Imagine what you could create if you replaced that rope with colourful hair extensions or threaded flowers! The possibilities are endless!

Alright hair artists, there you have it - the hottest looks from L'Oreal Professionnel for Fall/Winter 2019! Don't be bummed if you couldn't make the show - just check out L'Oreal's education event page for more of their upcoming events!

With love,
The Hair Stylist Guide Team