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Fix Bleach Stains

Fix bleach stains on your black clothes

If you’re a hairstylist, chances are your wardrobe is full of black clothes – it’s kind of our go-to…and sometimes mandatory where we work.

And I also bet you’ve had the honour of getting baptizing your black clothes with a few splashes of bleach here and there.

No, your clothes are not doomed or a complete write off if this happens!

Sharpie Quick Fix:

If you notice an orangey-stain starting to develop where you dropped some bleach, you can touch it up quickly in the salon between clients by filling it in with a black permanent marker. The mark will still be somewhat visible, but it won’t be as noticeable as a bright orange splotch.

Chances are your front desk has a permanent marker for you to use. Or better yet, just keep one at your station.

This will not be permanent and will fade in the wash, but it will get you through the day.

At-home Fix:

If you’re devastated because you think you just ruined your favourite pair of black pants or that really cute black top that fit just right, don’t worry – you can fix it later at home when you have more free time with fabric dye!

Yes, they sell black fabric dye which you can use to permanently colour your clothes the same way you colour hair! This dye can also be used to refresh the colour of distressed/worn out clothes.

This means that you don’t have to throw out that butt-flattering pair of stretchy black pants that you overpaid for.

I purchased my Rit fabric dye from Amazon, and it does work. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions to use it and get rid of those ugly bleach stains and have beautiful, brand new, black clothes!

I have had much luck with this dye on black-jean type material. However, I do not know if it will work on an synthetic wool type of material (e.g. like a faux wool sweater/jacket).