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Get Reopening Ready!

The government of Ontario is beginning to release recommendations for the reopening of different sectors of the provincial economy.

For those of us who are anxiously waiting for our salon to reopen and to see our lovely clients, there are a few things we can do during our "off" time to help us prepare for and welcome back our clients.

Keep Upgrading Your Skills!

1) Show your clients your dedication to their health and safety by completing this FREE online certification with the company Barbicide. It takes less than an hour to do. You can print and post the certificate in your salon and by your station if you so please.

Barbicide Certification Ontario Hair License Exam Study Notes


Milady is also offering 2 (paid) online courses on infection control.

2) We are fortunate to be part of such a well-connected and supportive global hair community.

    Refresh or learn new knowledge and skills by accessing or logging in to your product supplier(s)' website(s) for online classes and lessons. Many companies like Aveda and L'Oreal offer FREE and paid courses/classes through their websites and/or Instagram Live pages. Check out the hair colour and product company that your salon carries to see what they have available for you.

    Behind the Chair University is also offering several online courses to help you get back to the salon with fresh skills and fabulous new ideas.

    Many of the much-admired stylists that you follow on social media as well are also providing resources on their Instagram and Facebook pages. 

    Stay Connected With Your Clients

     I'm sure you've seen the videos of hair DIY gone-wrong popping up everywhere on social media. Personally, I can tell you that our guests can't wait to see us.

    There are a few things some hair salons and individual hairstylists are doing online to make themselves available to their loyal and loving guests.

    Ontario Hair License Exam Study Notes

    Many stylists and salons are making themselves available to any questions from their clients  through email, their Instagram Stories and encouraging DMs/PMs on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Of course, if you are offering this, be sure to check in regularly to actually answer their questions and get back to them.

    If you are able, you can also send out emails and/or texts to your clients updating them on the status of your salon and how they can best contact you to have their questions/concerns addressed and for any of the services that you are currently offering.

    Social Media COVID 19 Hair salons hairstylists

    Many stylists and salons are posting useful videos on their social media pages addressing various "what if" scenarios. For example, what products to use and how to style a short haircut that might be growing out awkwardly in different ways.

    Some salons and stylists are providing virtual consultations and/or virtual "sessions" at an hourly fee to walk clients through the steps of cutting/colouring their own hair.

    Salon Curbside Pickup COVID 19 Corona

    With the uncertainty of salon reopening dates, many salons who do not have shipping set up are also offering curbside pickups for hair products. If you are unable to do so for whatever reason, your clients may also appreciate  being forwarded links to the websites of where they can order products/tools that you recommend for them in lieu of being able to provide them directly.

    A lot of hairstylists and salons are getting questions from their clients about their colour formulas. This will be something you will have to decide if you are comfortable providing on a personal level and in accordance with your company's policies. Some salons are providing kits with the colour, developer, gloves, bowl, applicator brush, etc. Some salons are restricting this only to already existing clients with a colour formula on file. Although your clients greatly appreciate all the help you can give them, if you decide that you would like to sell colours and provide formulas to your clients, be sure you take into consideration the liabilities this will incur to you as a licensed hairstylist and to your business. Check your suppliers' policies of selling their colour products to the general public. Also, whether you provide just the formula or the colour itself, you may want to consider some way to make it abundantly clear to your clients that the responsibility of the correct mixing and application of their colour at home will rest completely upon them. Whatever you decide to do, be sure that it is the best decision for you, your team and your clients and that you are willing to stand by your decision.

    Hair Salon Reopen Reopening Ontario Hairtylists Corona COVID-19

    When you reopen, your guests will also appreciate knowing what precautions you and your salon are taking to keep them safe. Feel free to share lists of the cleaning and sanitizing procedures you are taking on your website, on your social media and in signs posted in convenient areas in your salon.

    In addition to the government of Ontario recommendations linked above, Barbicide also has some useful tips and tricks to share for reopening procedures and public safety recommendations.

    Stay Safe & Healthy

    You know that you should be eating nutritious foods, getting exercise and getting a healthy amount of sleep. You don't need me to tell you what that should look like for you.

    The important thing to keep in mind is to take care of yourself so that you can take care of your loved ones and your valued guests who are looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Don't ever forget...

    As hairstylists and barbers, we work in such a privileged position that allows us to help people feel amazing about themselves. Never forget how important you are to your clients and to making this world a more beautiful place for everyone.

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    With love,
    The Hair Stylist Guide Team