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FAQ Hair Stylist Guide

“How quickly will I receive your notes?”

Immediately after payment, you will receive a link (which will also be sent to your email) that gives you access to the PDF files for the study notes and/or practice questions. The package containing the study notes and practice questions comes in a zip file. When you follow the link, you will be able to download the PDF file(s) to your device.

“Will I pass the Ontario Hair Stylist License Exam 100% if I buy your notes/come for tutoring?”

Not to get too philosophical, but nothing in life is guaranteed 100%.

Your exam success will be 50% what I provide you + 50% YOU. People have passed with my study notes. Check out the reviews and feedback I have posted on the homepage of this website if you’d like to see for yourself.

But what I am providing for you here are STUDY notes….not a train ticket to your hair license…you still need to put in the time, effort and discipline of studying. And that’s on you.

My goal was to make it much easier for you than if you had to do the note preparation, practice questions and studying all on your own. I am saving you weeks and countless hours of work and time.

My goal is not to waste your time and money with an expensive exam preparation course. I am simply providing for you what you need to know in an accessible, cost efficient and time-saving format.

My content is focused and based on what I was tested on and what other hair stylists I have tutored were tested on. I am constantly updating my notes, practice questions and tutoring material whenever someone I tutor tells me something that they got asked/tested on.

“How often do you update the notes?”

Whenever a stylist I have tutored or a customer that has purchased the notes asks me questions or provides me with feedback on what they were tested on, I update the notes and practice questions (if it’s not in there already). If you have purchased a copy of the notes from the website, you will receive an email notification with a link to the study notes/practice questions every time they are updated. This link will allow you to download the updated notes.

This means that if the notes are updated before you have written your hair license exam, you will get to download the new and improved updated notes to study from for free!

With love,

The Hair Stylist Guide team